Climbing Canine
  • Climbing Canine
  • Climbing Canine

    Current Rope Colors

    Arborist Rope

    Climbing Rope

    Recycled Climbing Rope

    Handmade in Tennessee

      All our rope leashes are proudly made in Tennessee. Custom sizes always available.  

    Durable & Reliable

      Quality rope and a locking carabiner help keep your pet not only fashionable but also safe and secure.  

    Help Feed a Shelter Dog

      Every leash sold will provide food for a day for a local shelter dog.  

    Recycle Your Rope

    Trying to figure out what to do with your favorite climbing rope that's gotten a little tired? Recycle your rope with Climbing Canine and we will send you a leash free of charge. Your favorite canine will get to form a bond with something that meant so much to you. A rope that used to make you smile will now make your best friend's tail wag. Every leash sold from your rope will also help feed local shelter dogs.